Monumental Phase of the Campaign for Fort de la Présentation 

History Worth Fighting For

The Monumental Phase is the first phase of fundraising to develop our Lighthouse Point property. This phase focuses on raising funds to construct the Interpretive Center and overall site infrastructure development. In connection with the return and rededication of the Abbé Piquet mon-ument, the first historical element reestablished at the project site, the campaign was kicked off at Founders Day 2009. Thus we are calling the current fundraising effort the Monumental Phase of the Campaign. For more on the Monumental Phase, please click here.

An Executive Committee leads this phase chaired by Marijean Remington, President and CEO of Atlantic Testing:  

The team commitment and individual tenacity of the Fort La Présentation Association has impressed me from our first meeting, said Remington. Because they have conquered every challenge that could have crushed their enthusiasm, I am honored to give my unwavering support to the campaign.

Read more from our many supporters. 

The other committee members are Barbara O‘Keefe, President of the Fort La Présentation Association; Jim Reagan, Communication‘s Direc-tor for NYS Senator Ritchie; Fred Hanss, Planning and Development Director for the Town and Village of Potsdam; and Nick Vaugh, Ogdensburg City Councilor. 

The groundwork has been laid, said O‘Keefe. ― Now is the time for everyone to unite in building upon this foundation, by making a Monumental contribution to the campaign to construct the Fort Interpretive Center. This is the time to fight for our history and to invest in the future. 

The Monumental Phase is gaining momentum! Fundraising efforts now underway: 

Board Campaign - Fort Board members are leading the way for the Campaign with 100% of the Board contributing; to date, more that $20,000 has been pledged by the Association's leadership for the project, Atlantic Testing is a very successful, locally owned North Country business. 

Hoist the Colors Challenge – Re-enactors, history, and veterans groups are being challenged to collectively contribute $50,000 for the main entrance flagpole oval and heritage garden, which will feature flags of the nations associated with the Fort. 

Honoring Robin Morris – A special tribute is underway for this legendary leader in the Eastern Ontario and Northern New York re-enacting community. Friends and colleagues of Robin are invited to contribute to a bench named in his honor, overlooking his much-loved St. Lawrence River. 

Kiwanis Club Community Service Challenge – The Ogdensburg Kiwanis Club has committed $15,000 to the Monumental Phase, and is challenging more than 20 other service/ community groups in the Ogdensburg area to join them in collectively raising $100,000 in support for the project. 

Partnership with Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce – The Interpretive Center includes an office area to provide a permanent home for the administrative functions of the Fort project and the Chamber. Chamber members are working on a major event and other activities to raise $50,000 to name the Administrative Suite. 

In addition, the committee and Fort Board are now inviting support for Naming Opportunity level gifts from leaders in government, education, entertainment, the international border region, business, corporations and foundations, and the Ogdensburg community. 

Naming opportunities include building rooms and features, as well as trails and other enhancements. Rooms and trails range from $25,000 to $500,000. Display cases, benches and other items may be named for donations of $2,500 to $15,000. 

Naming Opportunity donors, and all those contributing $1,000 or more, will be recognized on a scale model of the Abbé Piquet monument, which will be on permanent display in the Interpretive Center. These major donors will also receive a framed, limited edition print of the monument. All donors to this phase will be recognized as Monumental Contributors, and be recognized on the Monumental Roll Call, a permanent record of those who have joined us in honoring ―history worth fighting for.