Recovering History

The mission of Fort La Présentation Association, a not-for-profit corporation based in Ogdensburg, New York, is to sponsor or benefit the historically accurate reconstruction of Fort de la Présentation in close proximity to the original site, and to administer an ongoing presence. Our aim is to unite the community and the region in support of this through fund-raising. Our goals are to educate, to collect, to preserve or maintain, to develop, to research, to document, to interpret and to recreate educational or historical ventures of interest to Ogdensburg and the St. Lawrence Valley.

Our board of directors is made up of educators, historians, reenactors, financial advisors, and members of local government. The Board and its officers are active participants in the development and planning of this exciting project. If you may be interested in serving on the board of directors please contact us to express your interest.

The Fort La Présentation Association has been fortunate in acquiring approximately 21 acres that makes up a significant portion of the original site of the Fort. For years our 501 C 3 corporation has worked toward our goal of reconstructing this historic French mission fort. The Fort Association's property in Ogdensburg, New York, is at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Oswegatchie Rivers. Research and development at the property continues with the cooperation with the New York State Office of Parks and Historic Preservation. Our architectural and site plan design work has been awarded to Foit-Albert Associates, Buffalo, New York.