Founder’s Weekend

Re-enactment and Colonial Trade Fair

July 14, 15 & 16, 2017


Adults $7

Children ages 7 thru 12 $2

Children 6 and under FREE


Founder’s Weekend re-enactment and colonial trade fair on Van Rensselaer (Lighthouse) Point is a commemoration of Ogdensburg’s French colonial roots. The weekend is a colorful tribute to the founding of Fort de La Présentation in 1749 through to the end of the French period in 1760 with the Battle of the Thousand Islands, which was the last battle of the French and Indian War.




The action-packed weekend attracts a range of re-enactors from Canada and the United States. Many from Quebec descend from the men who served here more than 250 years ago in regular and militia regiments. Similarly, many Americans portray the provincials and rangers raised in the areas in which they now live, and some may have had ancestors serving in those long-age units.



White canvas tents run the length of the point defining the well ordered French and British camps, the cluster in the Navy camp, the hodge-podge of navy tents and the array of merchants and civilian trades.


History comes to life in the range of 18th-century daily activities from the preparation of meals to battles on land and water. Medical care and black smithing, fife and drums, spinning and quilting are some of the activities visitors may encounter.


Soldiers in bright uniforms drill and patrol their camps against enemy incursion. Skirmishes pop up throughout the day, and there are morning clashes on the river and afternoon battles on land. (Visitors can watch the battle from bleachers.)


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 2016 Founder's Day Schedule

Founder’s Weekend is open to re-enactors by invitation. Preference will be given to individuals or groups that have attended Founder’s Day Weekend in previous years and accurately depict mid-18th-century French and British military and civilian life, and Native society.




To request an invitation, if you have not previously attended or to update your contact information, please contact:


Sutlers, Traders & Artisans Contact:


Tim Cryderman
280 Jones Rd., Madrid, NY 13660
Phone: 315-322-5519




 Military Contact:


Tim Cryderman
280 Jones Rd., Madrid, NY 13660
Phone: 315-322-5519







Re-enactor Event Information


Re-enactors will be requested to park off-site. Once you have off loaded, request a shuttle ride at the registration to meet you at the designated parking. Justifiable exceptions can be requested.


No vehicles are allowed in the encampment area between 9:30AM and 5PM Saturday and between 9:30AM and 3PM Sunday.


First aid services will be available on site. If you have a serious emergency call 911.


If you need handicap services, inquire at registration. Golf carts and volunteers are available to help you.


Potable water is available near the eastern entrance and at the southwest corner of the property.


The Health Department requires we have grey-water barrels in each camp. Please use them for your dishwater.


Take trash to the proper barrels. Trash in tents will draw critters, and we do have critters.


Ice will be available for delivery to the site on Saturday and Sunday.


Showers will be available across the street at the Richard Lockwood Center, Saturday 6AM to 9AM and 7PM to 9PM, and Sunday 7AM to 9AM.


Coffee and donuts will be served at the Dining Tent at 7:00AM Saturday and Sunday.


Officers Call will be at 9:00AM Saturday and Sunday.


Please maintain a period-correct camp and attire during public hours.


Please refrain from smoking cigarettes in view of the visitors during public hours.


Footwear is required at all times. Much of Lighthouse Point has been built up by 100 years of landfill.


Swimming is prohibited due to broken glass.


All fires, candles and lanterns must be attended. Keep a bucket of water near to fires.


All artillery, muskets and rifles will be inspected prior to battlefield activities.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted during public hours.


No pets are permitted on site.


Please refer all questions and concerns to Tim Cryderman or Marsha Hough.


Thank you for your cooperation, and have a safe and happy event. We strive to make Founder's  Weekend a re-enactor-friendly event.


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